Une double absence | Akihito Yoshida | Éditions Xavier Barral

Éditions Xavier Barral

Une double absence
Akihito Yoshida

ISBN : 978-2-36511-223-9


A true photographic tale, Une double absence (The absence of two), tells the story of young man, Daiki, whose life was entirely dedicated to his grandmother, Yukimi. Fascinated and deeply touched by this unique relationship, photographer Akihito Yoshida, cousin of Daiki and also grandchild of Yukimi, decides to narrate this story. He photographs the daily life and over the years, the rare relationship that develops between the grandmother and his grandchild: attention, kindness, trust and affection appear in a connection of extraordinary strength. Yet one day, Daiki disappears without a word. Yukimi falls apart, Daiki’s presence vanishes. What is left of this story, their relationship, their affection? Akihito Yoshida shows the impermanence of beings, the fragility of ties, the misleading appearances, the haunting absence of persons that are dear to us.